Monday, July 13, 2009


A good friend of mine, an avid auto collector, came to visit recently from Perak to look for a Mercedes benz, model 126 (300 SEL). You don't find that many of this model anywhere in our country. So he came down here to look for one. Luckily enough he managed to locate this model in Petaling Jaya and the car was in good condition (with one owner). This particular model is the last model produced in the year 1994.

Below is the original light beige Mercedes 126 being prepared for the bodywork and new paint..

Below are the photos of the transformation of the Mercedes 300 SEL 1994..

The original car was light beige in color and in this photo it's being sanded and some touch ups and body works were done to smooth out the body before it goes into the spraying room..

All of the interior parts and seats were removed before it goes into the spraying room or "oven"..

The finishing paint is sprayed with lacquer to get the extra shine and as a top coat. Look how it shines!

After the car is out from the oven, all of its parts were put back together. Below is a new original Mercedes front grill fixed with the big Mercedes emblem star (Japanese style)..

The side lamp were replaced and fixed with a new white lamp instead of the original yellow (photo below)..

The headlamps were also changed to a white crystal lamps to get the beautiful and shiny contrast from the color of the body..

The tail lights cover were also replaced with white covers.

The dashboard cover was restored by maintaining its original finish and is seen here wrapped waiting to be fitted back into the car.

The seat cushions and door panels were re-upholstered with Italian Nappa sheep skin leather in black..very smooth and soft to the touch!

After being fitted in the car, voila! the beautiful set of seats with door panels and dashboard, like new..

The back seats were also upholstered with new nappa leather..

To give a twist of style, my friend changed the model number from 300 SEL to 500 SEL. Since the model for both body are the same (except for the engine). But who knows?..

Here you are, the final result with me in it! getting the taste of the newly refurbished/restored Mercedes 300 SEL !

Notice the lenght of the car, it can't really fit in my little camera. Anyway, that was the journey of my friend's newly purchased used car with a little touch (not that little considering the amount that he has spent on it! but it is still worth it) goes a long way to a transformation into a shiny newly restored Mercedes 300 SEL! So, that very day he took back the new baby home with a big smile on his face feeling satisfied and contented.. until we meet again, my friend..have a safe journey back home!

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